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Who we are?

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Matrix Institute is a private professional education body that has been providing a continuing education and professional development programs since March, 2017 with the mission to train and develop the next generation Myanmar Finance Professionals. 


Matrix provides unique and individualized opportunities for Myanmar finance society to come together and build relationships that allow students and alumni to make informed career decisions, gain lifelong career management skills, and achieve their professional goals.

We offer Investment Finance, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Financial Modeling and Excel Courses, through Matrix own curriculums and global academic partners. 

The courses cover array of topics for every level of professionals, ranging from excel courses and finance technical courses to professional development skills, such as personal finance and soft skill trainings. 

Advance your career with Matrix

We have instructors with over 10 years of experiences.



Guiding Principles

Core Values

Mission and vision
Our Vision
To be the recognized and leading institution of building competent human capital and support network to foster sustainable socio- economic development of Myanmar society. 
Our Mission
  • To create an applied learning environment where the learners can share, support, and apply their knowledge and experience

  • To train competent professionals with academic excellence, skills and professional ethics

  • To develop a support environment and network for collaboration with organizations and outreach to various regions

Guiding Principles
  • Maintains the highest commitment to ethical business practices, high-quality products and services, and the well-being of our students, customers, members, and employees.

  • Provides the cutting-edge education solutions and programs which adapt changing realities, and prosper in a complex and competitive world.

  • Provides a broad range of quality management development and educational services designed to make a meaningful difference to individuals, organizations and society at large.

  • Educate, inspire and motivate individuals and businesses achieve their goals and aspirations

Guiding Principles

Efficient & Effective Learning


Innovation & Excellence 


Success For All

Core values

Meet our alumni

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