CFA Level II

CFA Level II is said to be the most challenging exam of all 3 CFA Levels. While Level 1 focuses on the general knowledge and broad concepts of investment and finance industry, Level II focuses on valuation and technical aspects of the assets learned in Level 1. Matrix CFA Level II Prep is designed with the intensive exam preparation in mind. Each of our student will get a Wiley Silver Course (equivalent of $800), and intensive review hours from expert lecturers for in class interaction. All students are required to follow the schedules provided by Matrix to ensure effective preparation for the exam.


  • Understand and apply the Valuation of Investment Assets

  • Apply the portfolio management process

  • Apply financial statements disclosures

  • Apply advanced techniques of valuation of options, alternative investments

Course Outline

1. Ethical and Professional Standards 
2. Quantitative Methods 
3. Economics 
4. Financial Reporting and Analysis 
5. Corporate Finance 
6. Equity 
7. Fixed Income
8. Derivatives 
9. Alternative Investments
10.  Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 

Cost, Duration & Lecturers

Tuition: 133 hrs

Fees: 2,200,000 MMK

Lecturers: Dr. Hla Theingi,  Ph.D (Asian Institute of Technology),

                 Dr. Cho Cho Wai,

                 U Min Han Tun, CFA,

                 U Pyae Phyo Kyaw