CFA Level I

Recognized as the Gold Standard of Investment Curriculum, CFA Level I is the first step toward making your investment-career a reality. CFA institute has designed the program in such a way that the purpose of CFA level I exam is to ensure that you understand all the investment tools in terms of understanding the topics and to instill knowledge and comprehension in terms of learning focus. Matrix CFA Prep incorporates the best resources to prepare proficiently for exam candidates. From experienced instructors to Wiley Online Platform, Matrix provides resources necessary for the challenging exam.


  • Understand the broad finance and investment arenas

  • Understand the investment tools required to analyze, value, and make investment decisions

  • Understand the available investment assets professionals and investors can purchase

  • Understand the concept of portfolio management

  • Ingrain the Ethics and Professional Standards for Investment Professionals

Course Outline

1. Ethical and Professional Standards 
2. Quantitative Methods 
3. Economics 
4. Financial Reporting and Analysis 
5. Corporate Finance 
6. Equity 
7. Fixed Income
8. Derivatives 
9. Alternative Investments
10.  Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 

Cost, Duration & Lecturers

Total study hours: 200 hrs

Fees: 2,200,000 MMK

Lecturers: Dr. Hla Theingi,  Ph.D (Asian Institute of Technology),

                 Dr. Cho Cho Wai,

                 U Min Han Tun, CFA