Foundation of Financial Risk

This course details the various risks, regulations, and supervisory requirements institutions face in today’s economic and regulatory environment. It also provides to learn the terminology and basic concepts surrounding global financial risk and regulation, and develop an understanding of the methods used to measure and manage market, credit, and operational risk. Coverage includes traded market risk and regulation, treasury risk and regulation, and much more, including brand new coverage of risk management for insurance companies.   

Financial institutions and supervisors around the world are increasingly recognizing how vital sound risk management practices are to both individual firms and the capital markets system as a whole. Savvy professionals recognize the need for authoritative and comprehensive training, and Foundations of Financial Risk delivers with expert-led education for those new to risk management.


• Understand risk measurement and management 
• Learn how minimum capital requirements are regulated 
• Explore all aspects of financial institution regulation and disclosure 
• Master the terminology of global risk and regulation

Course Outline

1. Functions and Forms of Banking 
2. Managing Banks 
3. Banking Regulation
4. Credit Risk 
5. Credit Risk Management 
6. Market Risk 
7. Operational Risk 
8. Regulatory Capital and Supervision 
9. Insurance Risk 

Cost, Duration & Lecturer

Total Hours: 40 hrs

Fees: 360,000 MMK

Lecturer: Dr. Hla Theingi

               Ph.D (Asian Institute of Technology)