The CDCS is an RQF* Level 4 qualification that is recognized worldwide as a benchmark of competence in documentary credits. It enables documentary credit practitioners to demonstrate practical knowledge and understanding of the complex issues associated with documentary credit practice.
The unit is designed to enable documentary credit specialists to understand documentary credits, the products, parties, processes and rules that underpin documentary credit transactions. As well as the ability to manage documentary credit transactions and identify irregularities, by applying knowledge of processes, ICC rules and trade terms. 


Practical knowledge and understanding of complex issues associated with documentary credit practice

LO1 Be able to utilize the rules relating to documentary credits and understand the features, documents, life cycle, and the roles of the various parties to a credit.

LO2 Be able to manage documentary credit transactions and associated risks.


1. Types, characteristics and uses of documentary credit and standby letters of credit.
2. Rules and trade terms.
3. Parties to documentary credit transactions and their roles and obligations.
4. Types and methods of payment / credit used in documentary credit transactions.
5. Types of transport, commercial and financial documents used in documentary credit transactions.
6. Related products including letters if indemnity.
7. Implications of breaching rules including money laundering and terrorist financing


Tuition : 545,000 MMK 

Total Hours : 72 hours

Lecturers : Daw Thander Htike  (MBA, CDCS)  Deputy Director, Trade Services Department UAB Bank

                  U Win Naing Htay (CDCS, MBF-Thesis) Deputy Head of Value Chain Finance Operations                      Yoma Bank

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