The CITF Prep program is an ICC exam preparation program for professionals in International Trade Areas. The key areas of study in the CITF are developing the technical knowledge and skills required to enable you to apply in workplace of banking and trade finance, core understanding of products, documents, trade terms, roles and responsibilities in international trade and finance, and basic understanding of fraud prevention and risk in terms of trade finance


LO1 Understand the role and responsibilities of different parties involved in international trade, the role of dispute settlements and the external impacts on international trade.

LO2 Understand the different methods of settlement and financing available, the documents used and the rules that govern international trade.


The trade environment and the role of the ICC.
1. ICC international model contracts.

2. An introduction to trade terms and Incoterms®.
3. The nature of financial, commercial and transport documents used in international trade.
4. Risk and mitigation including foreign exchange hedging.
5. Methods of payment including open account, collections, documentary credits and bank payment obligations.
6. Short, medium and long-term trade finance.
7. Islamic trade finance.

8. Dispute handling, arbitration and resolution.

9. Fraud prevention and anti- money laundering.


Tuition : 320,000 MMK 

Total Hours : 40 hours

Lecturers : Daw Thander Htike  (MBA, CDCS)  Deputy Director, Trade Services Department UAB Bank

                  U Win Naing Htay (CDCS, MBF-Thesis) Deputy Head of Value Chain Finance Operations                      Yoma Bank