Essential Excel Skills for Professionals

Excel for Professionals (Excel4Pros) is developed with requirements of the daily users of data analysis. In addition to function based learning, Excel4Pros centers its course around case-based learning, giving context to the user why we are using the Excel Tools. The course outline centers on multiple projects, which participants have to complete using various excel formatting, functions, analysis, and questioning. After the course, the participant will be able to apply Excel proficiently in the daily workplace, using best Excel practices.


Apply the best practice in data formatting and storing data for professional uses

Be efficient in the use of Excel

Apply the consistent formats across different units

Understand business analytics by asking right questions and extracting data

Create powerful, useful, and summarized visual information from large amount of data

Understand the needs of dashboards for management reporting

Present data into effective communications for Management

Essential Excel Skills for Professionals

1. Sorting and Filtering Functions
2. Formatting Functions
3. Data Validation
4. Pivot Tables and Charts
5. Viewing, Grouping, Analyzing Large Data Sets
6. Advanced Search Functions (VLOOKUP, Index Match)
7. Conditional Functions (Lookups, Ifs, Concatenate…)
8. Scenario Analysis
9. Creating Projects and Reports
10. Excel Shortcuts

Essential Excel Skills for Professionals

Tuition : 145,000 MMK

Total Hours : 21 hours

Lecturers : U Min Han Tun, CFA