Financial Performance & Risk Management

Financial Performance and Risk Management course is an introduction to Enterprise Risk Management driven by the financial performance. The course looks into financial planning and budgeting processes, identify the potential risk areas, and performance evaluation, and define the risk management framework driven from the key financial results. This course provides a solid aspect of Finance and Risk Management.


• Understand the whole process of financial planning, budgeting, risk management, to reporting

• Understand the framework for Enterprise Risk Management

• Understand the links between financial performance and risk management

• Evaluate the enterprise performance

Financial Performance & Risk Management

1. Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasts
2. Contribution Margin Analysis
3. Rolling Financial Forecasts
4. Lease or Options Analysis
5. ERM and Frameworks of Risk Management
6. Enterprise Performance

Financial Performance & Risk Management

Tuition : 75,000 MMK

Total Hours : 15 hours

Lecturer : Dr. Hla Theingi

Ph.D (Asian Institute of Technology)