Introduction to Derivatives

Introduction to Derivatives focuses on main types of derivatives: forwards, futures, swaps, and options. The course introduces the features and characteristics, uses, risks, and trading opportunities. The course also draws on practical implications such as the events of 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and Current Oil Futures crisis. In addition, the course is introduced as a preliminary introduction for new financial instruments that could have large impact on Myanmar business and trading community, mainly in foreign exchange, commodities. Candidates can learn and prepare with this course for future financial developments in Myanmar.


• Understand the Arbitrage Pricing Theory
• Understand the concept of Derivatives
• Understand key features and characteristics of main derivatives in the market: forwards, futures, swaps, and options
• Understand the global events relating to derivatives
• Understand the implications on Myanmar market (how to prepare for it)

Introduction to Derivatives

1. Forward Contracts
2. Futures Contracts
3. Option Contracts
4. Swap Contracts
5. Derivative Trading and Uses
6. Real World Implications (Global and Myanmar)

Introduction to Derivatives

Tuition: 120,000 MMK

Total hours:

Lecturers: Dr. Hla Theingi

Ph.D (Asian Institute of Technology)