The Art of Valuation

The Art of Valuation is a basic level course for finance and non- finance professionals who would need understanding in the process of valuation in their corporate lives. Owners need to know when and why they need to value, and managers need to understand the importance of factors that go in the valuation process. Valuation requires combined efforts of professionals from different areas of the business, and parties involved should know the key aspects of valuation.


• To understand the basic principles and theories of Valuation
• To understand the intrinsic value of an asset, project, or a business
• To calculate Discounted Cash Flow Method, Asset Based Approach, and Market Multiples Approach
• To understand the importance of assumptions and the key areas of formulating assumptions
• To gain knowledge of valuing private companies in Myanmar

The Art of Valuation


The Art of Valuation

Tuition : 75,000 MMK

Total Hours : 15 hours

Lecturers : Dr. Hla Theingi
Ph.D (Asian Institute of Technology)